Care. Craftsmanship. Courtesy.

Why us?

Care. Craftsmanship. Courtesy.

We listen, we guide, we recommend

We listen carefully to your needs so that we know exactly what you’re after.

But because we’ve been in the game for so long, we are often able to come up with more efficient, economical or practical ways of achieving your vision. And although we can recommend products and finishes to suit all budgets, we believe our job is to guide you towards the best possible long-term outcome.

We can take it all

At Fresh Renovation & Construction, we’re well equipped to work with you throughout your building project – from planning and design to construction and completion. Our wide network of trusted draftsmen and architects ensures you receive the best finish for your project.

We only work with tradespeople who match the quality and style of our services. No untried and untested contractors with us.

We communicate with you. A lot.

For us, communication is everything. And it all starts with establishing a clear understanding of your goals on day one.

We also go to great lengths to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable at every stage of your renovation or construction project. We involve you in all the important decisions along the way. And should your budget or timeframes ever need to be adjusted – even slightly? You’ll always be the first to know.

We respect your space and privacy

As much as we love improving people’s homes, we understand that renovations can be inconvenient and disruptive to family life.

At Fresh Renovation & Construction, we understand that your home is a private sanctuary – so you don’t want us coming and going without warning or consultation. We’ll always be there when we say we will. And we never turn up unexpectedly.

It’s a matter of simple respect.

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